Diane Minkner, Brain Integration Specialist, Applied Kinesiologist & Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

Diane Minkner, Brain Integration Specialist, Applied Kinesiologist & Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

The Body is Designed to Heal Itself if it Has What it Needs

If you are one of those people who have been to every doctor, had every test done yet still remain UNDIAGNOSED, you are not alone and have found the right place! My specialty has evolved into finding the root cause of illness or dysfunction within the brain and/or body. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, please don’t wait to call me! I find things other practitioners miss. The body knows what it needs to self heal, so we ask your body by muscle testing through your autonomic nervous system. It saves time and removes the guesswork out of practicing natural medicine.

If you HAVE been diagnosed & want to treat your illness naturally without pharmaceutical drugs, I’m your practitioner! If traditional treatments have been ineffective, call me because I can help you!

If you are a Mom and exhausted from managing the symptoms of your child with autism, behavioral or learning disabilities, I can help you! Other Moms have found hope and relief with my Holistic Treatment Programs include Brain Integration and Natural Homeopathic Detox remedies. Your child could have a methylation issue which is easily treatable with supplements.Every experience we go through changes us emotionally, mentally, and/or physically.  The body is a flow system designed to return to its normal state of health following each experience.

Environmental toxins (heavy metals, chemicals, vaccine adjuvants, food dyes, pharmaceuticals just to name a few) often disrupt this natural flow.  This “block in the flow” can eventually contribute to illness and disease.
Emotional trauma is a form of a toxin issues that become stuck in cellular memory otherwise known as PTSD.

Holistic means whole, every part of you is integrated together and all “dis” ease or dysfunction must be considered related for healing to begin. The Body knows what it needs to self heal.


Natural Healing Services

Quantum Reflex Analysis to “eavesdrop” on the body for more accuracy

Energetically isolate toxins trapped in tissues, then remove them naturally

Gentle Detoxification programs to gently nudge the body’s natural drainagesystems to open

Homeopathic and Herbal Remedies to initiate self healing

Whole body support during healing phase

Frequency Resonance Treatment for emotional trauma

Energetic Releases from cellular memory

Naturopathic Immune Support during chronic or acute illness

Natural Healing Services

Proprietary Brain Physiology protocol to help with recovery from addiction

Brain Integration and Physiology for removing functional neurological blocks

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